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PlayStation Vita Gets Its First Fishing Game in March


One theory that explains the relatively low launch software sales for PlayStation Vita is that most of the early adopters are fishing fans and they're holding out for the system's first fishing game.

They won't have to wait too long. Kadokawa Games has set a March 22 release date for Let's Try Bass Fishing Fish On Next. The game will cost ¥3,990 at retail and ¥2,940 as a download.

Note: When nursing a wound, it is usually recommended that you wear a bandage on the inside of your clothes.

Fish On Next makes use of the system's front screen touch panel to deliver a direct control system, allowing you to cast your rod by flicking (or you can just press circle). The rear touch panel can be used to zoom in on the water to spot fish.

Modes of play include challenge, world tour, training, "lecture," and water viewing mode. The viewing mode lets you observe fish in the water. The challenge mode is compatible with online rankings.

The little girl in the official art is one of the characters you can select as your in-game counterpart. The game has character designs from illustrator Poyoyon Rock. Kadokawa has also mentioned that voice actress Ai Shimizu, apparently a big fishing fan, will lend her talents to the game.

Visit the official site here. Dengeki has first screens here.

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