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Nintendo Planning Second Nintendo Direct Broadcast After Christmas


Nintendo will be holding the second installment in its "Nintendo Direct" series of web broadcasts on the 27th. The show's Ustream page was updated with notice of the broadcast. The listing promises the latest information on Wii and 3DS.

To watch the broadcast for yourself, visit the Nintendo Direct Ustream page at 12:00 Noon (JST) on the 27th.

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata addressed gamers directly in the first Nintendo Direct broadcast.

The first Nintendo Direct broadcast was held on October 21. Major announcements included first details on Nintendo's major December 3DS firmware update, the 3DS Chotto Mario-na Campaign, a new trailer for Monster Hunter 3G, and a number of new 3DS games.

You can view an archived version of that here. Or view our live blog here.

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