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See 3DS Shooter Kokuga in 3D

Plus, the latest details on the game's card and difficulty systems.


Wondering what overhead shooting looks like in 3D on your 3DS? You'll find out when G.rev releases Kokuga for the system in Spring 2012.

But if you can't wait that long, you'll find a few 3D screenshots from the game on the official site's gallery page. We've posted the screens here as well (although if they don't show up in 3D on your 3DS, access them directly from the official site).

The site's game content page was also updated with a few details on the game.

Here's the game's control scheme:

You use the L and R triggers to rotate your turret. B is for firing your weapon, and for using the card that you've selected from the touch screen.

When you start each stage of play, you're given 20 shuffled cards. Four of these are placed on the touch screen at a time. Use a card, and a new one takes its place. Cards include attack style cards, which give you access to special weapon attacks, and defense cards, which do things like restore your shield or repair your ship.

We previously detailed how you're free to select your route through the game's fifteen stages, which are placed on a triangular grid. You can select your start stage, then after clearing this stage, you can select your next stage from its neighbors. You clear the game when you've cleared one of the "final" stages at the vertices of the triangle.

This system allows you to play the game for as little or as much as you want. If you want a short play session, you can just select D, then jump right to Final 3. If you want a lengthy play session, you can select A, then go to E, H, K, I, E, H, K and end with Final 1.

Notice how the long route has the same stage multiple times? The reason you might want to play a stage a second or third time is that its difficulty changes. Stages initially start off with Normal difficulty. Clear a stage under Normal, and the stage changes to Hard. Clear it under Hard, and the stage changes to Ultimate.

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