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Keiji Inafune's First Post Capcom Game Available Today on GREE


First a first taste of post Capcom Keiji Inafune, you'll need a smart phone and a membership with the GREE social gaming platform. Index (parent company of Atlus) released Dr. Momo's Island, the first game from Inafune's new Comcept studio, on GREE today.

Dr. Momo's Island is a joint development between Index and Comcept. You play as Dr. Momo, a mad scientist who's out to create the cutest thing in the world. You'll need to collect eggs and fuse them together to create your cute creatures.

The game has the expected social aspects. You can trade your creatures with friends, and visit your friends' farms to collect materials for further creature synthesis.

Dr. Momo's Island is currently available just for Android. An iOS version will be released shortly.

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