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Nintendo Direct Live Blog

Satoru Iwata is putting on his conditioner again to outline Nintendo's first quarter plans.


Nintendo is hosting the second installment in its Nintendo Direct broadcast series today. Similar to the October debut broadcast, CEO Satoru Iwata will outline the company's upcoming plans, this time focused on games planned for the first quarter of 2012.

You can view the broadcast for yourself at Ustream or Nico Nico. We'll be posting the major happenings as they happen below, so refresh this page periodically.

Live Updates Follow

12:44: I don't want to watch the New Love Plus guy introduce his choice of girlfriends to Iwata, so I'm cutting of the Ustream broadcast and stopping the live blog. Check back later around the site for more details! Also check Nintendo's Nintendo Direct page for screens and videos later in the day.

12:42: Iwata's part is over, but there will be a few Iwata Asks interview sessions following, so keep watching the Ustream broadcast. The interview sessions will include New Love Plus, Monster Hunter 3G and Hatsune Miku in that order.

12:41: There will be Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D, Rhythm Thief and Resident Evil Revelations demos available for download today!

12:41: There will be a bunch of 3D videos at the e-Shop later today.

12:40: Nintendo will have monthly 3D picture contests starting next month. (This is unrelated to the Purikura game). There will be a celebrity judge judging the pictures. Winners will get Nintendo goods.

12:39: First, Tobidasu Purikura, a photo decoration app. This is due for release today at ¥600.

12:39: Next, download titles.

12:38: Bravely Default is due for 2012. There will be a demo and AR app in Spring 2012 or beyond.

12:36: After lots of Fire Emblem gameplay footage, they turn to Square Enix's Bravely Default, first with the game's Jump Festa trailer.

12:36: Iwata does not mention the download content that was mentioned in NIkkei.

12:36: The game's official name has been set as Fire Emblem: Kakusei (this translates to "awakening"). Release date is April 19.

12:35: The game will have popular gameplay elements from past Fire Emblem games, says Iwata. He shows how the game's free map system and skill system are inherited from past Fire Emblem games.

12:34: First, Fire Emblem, an original entry in the series says Iwata.

12:34: Next, titles from April and beyond.

12:32: Next, a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3D. No release date beyond the previously announced March date, though.

12:32: There will be Nintendo character costumes in Dynasty Warriors Next, says Iwata. Tecmo Koei will have details later.

12:29: Dynasty Warriors VS: 3/15. They share a video of this too.

12:29: Hmm... the game has Inazuma Eleven character cameos. I'm not sure if that's new information or not.

12:28: They show a trailer for Girl's RPG. This is the Level-5 RPG that's based off the popular cell phone hostess sim.

12:27: Girl's RPG: 3/8

12:27: Hatsune Miku and Future Stars Project Mirai: 3/8

12:27: Metal Gear Solid 3D: 3/8

12:26: Harvest Moon Hajimari no Daichi: 2/23.

12:25: This also gets a video clip.

12:25: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: 2/16.

12:23: They share a video of Tekken 3D, which Iwata notes has console-like quality. He also mentions the game's internet play and large cast of characters.

12:23: Tekken 3D Prime Edition: 2/16

12:22: After the broadcast, they will share a video of Iwata speaking with producer Uchida about the game.

12:22: New Love Plus: 2/14.

12:20: In other Resident Evil Revelations news, Capcom is holding the Resident Evil Premium Party event on 1/20. The event is meant to be a pre-launch event for Revelations. Details at Famitsu.com

12:20: They give Revelations special treatment with a trailer.

12:20: Resident Evil Revelations: 1/26.

12:20: Beyond the Labyrinth: 1/19.

12:19: Rhythm Thief R: 1/19.

12:19: Ace Combat 3D: 1/12.

12:19: Next, third parties titles.

12:18: Iwata is now recapping a bit of the classic Kid Icarus, which is currently being given away in 3D Classics form to those who take part in the Chotto Mario-na 3DS campaign.

12:18: Next, Iwata mentions the Chotto Mario-na 3DS campaign that's currently running at Club Nintendo. We have details in a separate story.

12:17: Kid Icarus will be released on March 22, Iwata announces. They're doing final tuning right now, he reiterates.

12:16: The game supports both ad-hoc and internet play.

12:16: The game has battle royal too.

12:15: The game has three on three play. Players make use of "Jingi" weapons and pick up items to fight.

12:15: The game is going through final tuning, says Iwata. Today, they will share details on wireless play.

12:14: Next, a video of Kid Icarus. Will they share the release date?

12:14: Next, Mario & Sonic at London Olympics 3DS. Due out on 3/14. The release date is new.

12:13: Ooh... there will be an Iwata Asks about Kiki Trick after the broadcast as well.

12:13: Next up...

12:12: Kiki Trick is from the Made in Wario Team, it seems.

12:11: Not content with showing three mini games from Kiki Trick, they show a fourth one.

12:10: This ramen mini game is pretty neat... you can click on icons to make the person eating do things like slurp his noodles and even burp.

12:10: This game looks really fun. Stop making fun of it.

12:09: Uh-oh... they're doing another demo from Kiki Trick.

12:08: The lengthy Kiki Trick demonstration continues...

12:08: "I will play one more time," says Iwata.

12:07: Sakamoto and Iwata play Kiki Trick:

12:05: Iwata is going to play Kiki Trick for himself under the watch of Sakamoto, who also supervised the game's development.

12:04: Next up, Kiki Trick for Wii. Due out on 1/19.

12:04: There will be an Iwata Asks for Ghost Camera after the broadcast.

12:04: Next, he moves on to Nintendo titles for the first quarter. First up is Ghost Camera, which is due on January 12.

No podium this time!

12:03: Next, Iwata mentions Zelda's Spike VG awards award.

12:02: He says that there will be major 3DS titles going into the new year as well. We will get details later in the broadcast.

12:01: He reminds us that Mario Kart, Mario Land and Monster Hunter have all shipped a million units, and they're all about to cross the mark in sales too.

12:00: He admits that there were times this year where there were gaps in the release schedule. He apologizes for this.

12:01: It's started! Iwata is in a motion capture room below Nintendo's main office.

12:00: It's about to start!!!

11:03: Nikkei shared some 3DS download content details earlier. This will likely be a major part of the broadcast. See this story.

10:59: The broadcast begins at 12:00 noon JST.

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