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In this nine minute video from today's Nintendo Direct broadcast, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata gets an introduction to New Love Plus from producer Akari Uchida.

Or, as the video describes it, "father-in-law introduces his daughter." Iwata himself gets in the mood and says "Today, we will receive an introduction to Uchida's newly finished daughters."

Later, Iwata requests to take a commemorative picture with Nene using the game's AR functionality, resulting in this political career ending shot:

One new bit is revealed during the AR segment. Iwata asks why the AR functionality exists -- is it to take pictures of your girl with yourself, or your friends? Uchida reveals that the game has a make-your-own-date feature. By taking pictures with the 3DS camera, you can create your own date course, with the AR functionality used to insert the girls in the scene.

Nine minutes of old Japanese men playing Love Plus below!

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