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Nippon Ichi Announces Two New Titles

New game from the Disgaea team.


Nippon Ichi held a stage event at the Akihabara Denkigai Festival event in Akihabara earlier today. As reported at Famitsu.com, CEO Sohei Shinkawa, in Prinny hat as always, announced three upcoming games from the company.

The first is one we've previously heard about: Cave Story 3D. Nipon Ichi is handling the Japanese release for this game. At the event, Shinkawa said that the Japanese version will have a collaboration with a well known retro game.

The other two titles were announced at the event as "New Adventure Title" and "New Dungeon RPG." Both were announced without official titles or platform.

The adventure title is said to not be in the vein of the Hayarigami series, but will please fans of that series. A release is planned for summer 2012.

The dungeon RPG is being developed by the Disgaea team and has the keywords "7 Angels," "High Resolution Characters" and "Superlative Customization." A release is planned for some time in 2012.

Correction: Famitsu's story had a typo involving the dungeon RPG and adventure title. The Disgaea team game is the dungeon RPG, not the adventure title. We've corrected the article.

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