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PlayStation Vita Lives in the Media Create Top 50

As expected, Hot Shots Golf was the big game at Vita's launch.

PlayStation Vita did not make it into the Media Create top 20 software chart, which was released yesterday. It didn't make it into the Media Create top 30 software chart, which was released earlier today.

And so we waited for Media Create to release its top 50 software sales chart, wondering if those 70,000 people who'd picked up a Vita over the week had either not bought a single game, or had gone the download route.

Media Create just released its top 50 for the week (covering 12/19 to 12/25), and a few Vita games did manage to sneak in. Placing 37, a few slots below the PSP the Best budget release of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on PSP (released in September), was Hot Shots Golf 6. Uncharted placed 40. Dynasty Warriors Next made it in at 44. Lord of Apocalypse managed 49th place, just beating Smash Bros. X on Wii (released in January 2008).

Media Create does not provide actual sales figures for games below the top 20. This week's 20th game, Mario Kart Wii, sold 43,752 units.

As reported earlier in the week Vita sold 72,479 units over the week. For the full hardware chart, see this story. For the top 20 software chart, see this story.

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