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Genius Sonority Head Worried About Consumer Game Market

Maker of Pokemon spinoffs does not see need for Vita, disappointed that 3DS did not reach five million.

Yamana on a bike

Manabu Yamana is the head of Genius Sonority, maker of many fine Pokemon spinoff games. Yamana appears to be concerned about the consumer games market.

PlayStation Vita slowed to 72,000 units the week of Christmas, Yamana noted in a Tweet. 3DS heated things up with 482,000 units. However, he feels that even the 3DS numbers aren't enough. "It was an end of the year that made me feel once again that we're not in the era where you can survive only on consumer games."

The Vita launch's launch was shaky, continued Yamana. The 3DS also had problems, but with the Vita, he does not feel the need for the system. "If you were going to buy a Vita, wouldn't an iPhone be better?"

For the 3DS, Yamana expressed concern that the system did not reach five million (it crossed four million last week). "Imagining the future that this present suggests, it looks like there will be a lot to think about over New Years."

Actually, Yamana may not have time to think over New Years, as he also Tweeted that his current game is close to going gold.

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