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Sony Gives No Comment on PlayStation Vita Sales

Vita on sale at Tsutaya on launch day. Tsutaya held the official launch event, with an appearance by Kaz Hirai himself.

Following a debut of 325,000 units, PlayStation Vita sales dropped 78% in the system's second week. With 72,000 units sold, the system placed below all other active systems, including the system it's supposed to replace, the PlayStation Portable.

Meanwhile, the 3DS saw its best week ever, selling 482,200 units, taking it above the four million mark in domestic sales. Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata had previously forecast that the system would reach four million by its first anniversary. It managed the feat two months in advance of that.

So what does Sony Computer Entertainment have to say about what appears to be a slow start for the Vita? Nothing at present, it seems. Bloomberg Japan asked for comment on the Vita's second week performance and was given the old "no comment" from SCE PR head Satoshi Fukuoka.

Perhaps we'll hear something once business returns to normal following the New Years break.

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