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Eiga.com (that's like Movie.com, but in Japanese) managed to get exclusive pics of the full cast of the upcoming Ace Attorney live action movie. Look below for the pics, and see if you can recognize your favorite character.

The movie's story involves Miles Edgeworth being arrested for suspicion of a crime of some form. We'll get the full story when Ace Attorney hits theaters on February 11.

Phoenix Wright / Hiroki Narimiya

Miles Edgeworth / Takumi Saitou

Maya Fey / Mirei Kiritani

Mia Fey / Danrei

Manfred von Karma / Ryou Ishibashi

Larry Butz / Akiyoshi Nakao

Dick Gumshoe / Shunsuke Daitou

Lotta Hart / Mitsuki Tanimura

The Judge / Akira Emoto

Misty Fey / Yokimiko


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