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Kazuma Kujo Working on Game For PS3 and Vita

Maker of Disaster Report and Bumpy Trot plans downloadable debut this year.


Former Irem developer Kazuma Kujo has confirmed via Twitter that his newly formed Granzella studio is working on a game for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Kazuma Kujo (image from PlayStation.jp)

Kujo's statements about the studio's upcoming titles came in response to a question from a follower asking him if his new title would be for PS3 or PSP. Kujo responded that PS3 and Vita were set. PSP is, at present, not planned.

Outside of the platform, Kujo would only share a few hints about the game. It will be a downloadable title. It will be an original game -- in fact, all games in development at Granzella are original, he said.

Asked about the game's genre, he responded "It's a secret."

Separately, Kujo responded to fan requests for sequels to past Irem titles. Regarding Bumpy Trot (Steamboat Chronicles), Kujo said that he doesn't know if they'll be able to release a sequel, but he is aware that there are people who are waiting for the game. Regarding R-Type Operation Bitter Chocolate, a strategy title based around the R-Type shooter franchise, Kujo said that he would at some point like to release a war strategy game.

Granzella has thus far released a couple of elaborate lounges for Sony's PlayStation Home virtual world. In past interviews, Kujo mentioned plans for PS3, Vita and Android support, and also said that his studio was working on at least two new games.

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