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Granzella PlayStation Vita Game Coming In May or Beyond


Bits and pieces are slowly surfacing regarding Granzella's first actual game since the studio was formed last year by Irem's Kazuma Kujo. Here's the latest such bit and piece: the game won't be released until after Golden Week.

A follower asked Kujo at Twitter if Granzella would be supporting PlayStation Vita. Kujo responded that they will indeed be supporting Vita, but the game will not be released until after the Golden Week period. This year's Golden Week runs From late April through May 5.

Kujo has in past Tweets mentioned a game or games for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3. It's unclear if he's referring to individual titles for each platform or a multiplatform release for both platforms. Whatever the case, Kujo said that the first games from the studio will be downloads.

Granzella currently has a couple of PlayStation Home lounges.

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