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PlayStation Vita Software Still Lives in the Top 50

Hot Shots Golf continues to be Vita's top selling game

PlayStation Vita software failed to place in Media Create's top 20 software chart once again. But the system did have representation in the top 50.

Hot Shots Golf 6 was the top selling Vita game for the week of December 26 through January 1, placing 28 on Media Create's chart. Uncharted followed at 29. Down further, Dynasty Warriors Next placed 34, with Lord of the Apocalypse at 36.

Media Create only provides numbers up to rank 20. This week's 20th place was PSP's Frontier Gate with 15,800 units sold.

As reported earlier in the week, Sony sold 42,648 units of Vita hardware over the week.

Media Create's sales do not account for download sales. All Vita launch titles are available as direct downloads from PSN. Sony has not provided sales stats for Vita's download sales.

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