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CyberConnect2 held a one year anniversary fan appreciation event for DS RPG Solatorobo yesterday in Harajuku. This was the second fan event for the game following last May's Solatorobo Museum event, and CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama delivered a big tease to fans.

In closing remarks at the end of the event, Matsuyama said "In the not so distant future, I would like to greet everyone in the Little Tail Bronx world. Although, I don't know what media it will be. As long as it has everyone's support, the Little Tails Bronx world will live forever."

"Little Tail Bronx" is the name of the larger world that's featured in Solatorobo and 1998 PlayStation RPG Tail Concerto. It sounds like Matsuyama is hinting at future entires in the franchise.

Visit Famitsu.com's story for pics from the event.

From Solatorobo.
From Solatorobo.

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