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Dark Souls Live Play Session Draws Record Nico Nico Visitor Count

That's what happens when your broadcast lasts sixty hours.


A recent concluded sixty hour live play session of Dark Souls at Nico Nico Douga reached a 2.3 million viewer count, ITmedia reported over the weekend. This is a record figure for the video sharing site.

The broadcast, conducted by technology site Gadget Tsuushin, kicked off on January 3 at noon and ended on January 6 at 53 minutes past midnight. The broadcast staff, joined by Hiroyuki Nishimura, CEO of Nico Nico operator Niwango, played through the game twice. From Software gave permission for the broadcast but was not directly involved.

The final statistics for the broadcast were 2,317,881 viewers and 3,647,746 comments. It should of course be noted that the viewership figure is not a unique visitor figure but a cumulative figure incremented whenever someone new comes into the viewing room.

A viewer satisfaction survey conducted following the broadcast showed a 95% approval rating.

Broadcast staff. Hiroyuki is to the right.

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