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Sony Announces PlayMemories Photo and Video Management Series

PlayMemories Studio for PS3.

As part of a series of Consumer Electronics Show announcements, Sony today announced the PlayMemories Series, a product line for streaming high resolution photos and video to various devices.

PlayMemories is designed under the concept of "Play More. All your Memories." The product line consists of a cloud service and software for your PC and PlayStation 3.

Sony detailed the following components today:

PlayMemories Online
A free cloud service that runs on the Sony Entertainment Network online platform. Users can upload their pictures and video to the service and access them from compatible televisions, PCs, tablets, smart phones and other devices. Service will begin in the Spring.
PlayMemories Home
A PC program that can be used to view, manage, edit, and share (through Facebook, YouTube and other services) videos and pictures. The program will be included with Sony digital cameras and video cameras starting later this month.
PlayMemories Studio
This PlayStation 3 program will be offered through PlayStation Store this Spring. The program lets you view and edit your photos and videos using the PS3's high specifications. You can also operate the program outside of the house via Remote Play on your PSP and PlayStation Vita. The program will not be free, but Sony will offer a free demo.
PlayMemories Mobile
This free app for iOS and Android will be offered this month.

You can see Sony's press release here.

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