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Sony Shares Holiday PlayStation Sales

PS3 on track for 15 million units sold this fiscal year.

PlayStation Vita promoted at a train station just ahead of the system's December 17 launch. Vita was released only in Japan and Asia.

Sony Computer Entertainment announced today that it sold 6.5 million units of PlayStation brand hardware over the holiday season.

PlayStation Vita sold 500,000 units following its Japanese launch on December 17 and Asian launch on December 23.

PlayStation 3 sold 3.9 million units over the holiday season, with Sony saying that the system is on track to meet its target of 15 million units sold this fiscal year (ending March 31, 2012). PlayStation Move sold 1.7 million units over the period.

Worldwide PSP sales reached 1.6 million units over the holiday season. In Europe this past November, Sony released a 99 Euro PSP revision that lacks Wi-Fi.

The "holiday season" according to Sony covers November 21 through January 5 for Japan and Asia, November 21 through December 31 for North America, and November 18 through December 31 for Europe. The sales figures are internal estimates of retail sales to customers (this is different from the shipment figures Sony usually gives).

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