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Square Enix Unveils Gunslinger Stratus

New arcade title features character designs from Bayonetta and Okami's Mari Shimazaki.


Square Enix and developer Byking teased a new arcade game back in December. This week's Famitsu reveals the new game to be "Gunslinger Stratus."

Gunslinger Stratus is a four on four action shooting game. Players make use of a "double gun device," which appears to just mean they wield dual guns.

As previously detailed, the game is produced by Nobuki Kadoi, a Square Enix producer who heads up development on arcade titles such as Lord of Vermillion, and directed by Byking CEO and founder Shinichiro Obata, a former Capcom designer who worked on Street Fighter and Vampire Savior.

The game's staff list includes character design work from Mari Shimazaki, who previously did character designs for games like Bayonetta and Okami. Other character designers include Arco Wada and Shigeto Koyama. The game's world view and concept are from Gen Urobuchi, scenario writer from Nitro Plus.

We'll be getting a full look at Gunslinger Stratus later today as Square Enix holds a press conference live at Nico Nico. To view the conference, which will be attended by Kadoi and Obata, as well as Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada, access this page around 15:00.

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