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Ridiculously Named D3 Publisher 3DS Game Includes Ridiculously Named Bonus Game

You play as that little Navi-like thing in the game's dream world.

The most ridiculously named game of the year is "If I Were in a Sealed Room with a Girl, I'd Probably XXX," where the XXX is meant to be left to your imagination.

D3 apparently had their naming staff work overtime for this particular 3DS game, though. Buyers of the first print run get a download code for a separate 3DS game. Its name: "If Kokoro Changed Into a Swimsuit."

The special download game features a girl named Kokoro. It's just before summer break, and Kokoro has bought a new set of swimwear. But she can't wait until going to the pool, and decides to try on her new summer gear in her room.

You play as Kouhei, the main character from the main game. You find yourself visiting Kokoro's house, where you're struck by a sudden case of drowsiness. This puts you in a dream world where you find yourself locked away in a sealed room with Kokoro as she tries on her new swimsuits.

Kokoro (click for really large version)

It's unclear if the downloadable game plays like the main game. If this were the case, it means in his dream world Kouhei appears as a little fairy who gets to view Kokoro from all angles as he guides her to escape from the sealed room.

"If Kokoro Changed Into a Swimsuit" will not be available for purchase outside of this special offer, so if you want to be locked away in a sealed room with Kokoro and do XXX as she changes into her new swimwear, be sure and pick up the first print run of "If I Were in a Sealed Room with a Girl, I'd Probably XXX."

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