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First Gunslinger Stratus Details

Dual guns, online play and 60 frames per second.

From today's Nico Nico press conference broadcast (Image grabbed by 4Gamer).

Square Enix has made formal announcement of Gunslinger Stratus, a new arcade game that's being developed by Byking, developer of Gundam Extreme VS.

The game's genre is "Online Multiplayer Combat Double Gun Action Game." Players will make use of a "Double Gun Device," a gun controller that can be wielded separately as two guns or combined into one. The game supports one to eight players, with support for online play.

We're not sure of the arcade hardware just yet, but it appears to be high spec, as the game will support full HD and 60 frames per second, output to a 60 inch plasma display.

Gunslinger Stratus will be released to arcades in Summer 2012. For additional details, see our report from Famitsu here.

The game's teaser site should be switching to a full official site later today, so be sure and check back.

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