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All About Square Enix's New Arcade Game Gunslinger Stratos


Here's everything we know about Gunslinger Stratos, as listed in 4Gamer's report on the game.

Publisher: Square Enix

Developer: Byking

Producer: Nobuki Kadoi (Square Enix)

Director: Shinichiro Obata (Byking)

World Setting, Concept: Gen Urobuchi

Character Design: Mari Shimazaki, Arco Wada, Shigeto Koyama

Players make use of a gun controller called "Double Gun Device." This device consists of two guns that can be physically combined into one. You use it in three patterns:

  • Double Gun Style: The standard two gun style
  • Side Style: Switch to machine gun or shot gun
  • Tandem Stye: When used as a rocket launcher or other powerful weapon

You'll be able to select from multiple characters. Depending on your character, you'll have access to different weapons.

The game includes hundreds of weapon types. Examples include flame throwers, a barrier shield which can protect you and your allies, a "recovery gun" and wilder offerings.

You can play in multiple player configurations, going against the CPU or other players on your own or cooperatively with others. The game has four play patterns:

  • Nationwide battles
  • Local arcade team vs other players across the nation
  • Personal missions
  • Cooperative missions

Stages of play include recreations of real life locations (you'll recognize Shibuya's famous 109 landmark in the screenshots). As you blow things up, parts of the stags will be destroyed, affecting gameplay.

Square Enix will be holding national tournaments for the game. These will have cash prizes.

As previously detailed, the game cabinet has a 60 inch plasma display, and can output full HD at 60 frames per second. You'll be able to link up your data with the NESiCA mobile site, allowing you to customize your character and weapons, and also purchase costumes and accessories. Such purchases are all done through in-game points -- there won't be paid transactions.

The game's official site will allow players to form "clans," or groups. Groups can trade weapons with each other and also purchase items together.

Access the official site here for a first trailer.

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