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First Look: Pro Baseball Spirits Vita

Konami's normal proportioned baseball series comes to Vita, PS3 and PSP this year.


This is what baseball looks like on PlayStation Vita:

Famitsu.com posted first screens from the 2012 entry in Konami's Pro Baseball Spirits series, which is due for PSP, PS3 and, for the first time, Vita as well.

Here's the PS3 version (Famitsu.com's screens are unfortunately shrunk down, so we can't do comparisons).

And here's the PSP version.

Weekly Famitsu has a first look at the game this week, but shared only a few details. The PS3 version promises improved visuals over last year's edition, with better modeling and smoother facial expression changes. The PSP version will include "Field Play," which lets you play the game as a single player (it's unclear if this is just for the PSP version or for all three).

Pro Baseball Sprits 2012 is currently 90% complete and will be released this Spring.

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