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Kingdom Hearts 3D Fantasia World Revealed

The latest all new Disney World debuts in this week's Jump.


The next world for Kingdom Hearts 3D has been revealed in the latest issue of Jump. Sora and friends will adventure through the world of Fantasia, another all new Disney world for the 3DS entry in the series.

The Fantasia world is titled Symphony of Sorcery. Screenshots and artwork show Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey, apparently commanding an army of broomsticks. One screen shows musical notes flying about the screen.

Outside of the Fantasia debut, Jump shows Sora dressed up in a Tron Legacy costume. It's unclear if the magazine has additional details on the game's Tron component, which was seen in a past trailer.

Previously, Square Enix has officially announced worlds based off Hunchback of Notre Dame and Three Musketeers, both also new for KH3D.

Screens from the Three Musketeers world.

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