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Kid Icarus Uprising comes bundled with a stand, so you might have been expecting a special box. You'll be getting just that!

Nintendo updated the game's official site with a tiny pic of the box.

Uprising will be released on March 22, priced ¥5,800 (the date was previously announced, but the price is new). The box includes the stand Masahiro Sakurai revealed earlier today at Twitter (see this story), and six AR cards.

Here's another look at the stand:

The official site confirms that the game will support the Slide Pad expansion device that was released opposite Monster Hunter 3G. When using the expansion, you can use the right Slide Pad to control your character. Without the expansion, the game defaults to the left Slide Pad for character movement, although you can also go into the options to set character movement to A, B, X and Y.

Be sure and visit the official site for a look at the game's multiplayer play options. The game supports local and internet play with three on three team and battle royal rules.

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