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Yakuza Studio Toshihiro Nagoshi has pretty much confirmed that the studio's teaser video from a few weeks back was not related to a new game (although we assumed it was and reported it so -- sorry!). So what was the tease all about?

See if you can figure it out from the latest batch of videos, which once again star the helmeted Mr. Assault. These two videos, which were released today, are titled Lunch and Scolding.


The lunch clip shows Mr. Assault having lunch with a coworker (he's presumably a Sega employee now, following the interview from the first video). Mr. Assault and his coworker engage in typical office banter about who's sleeping with who and so-forth. suddenly, Mr. Assault is knocked to the ground. See the exciting conclusion for yourself.


This clip show Mr. Assault and another employee getting chewed out by their manager. After the manager leaves, the coworker writes on the white board, "Manager Die!" See the exciting conclusion for yourself.

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