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Chunsoft's PlayStation Vita and 3DS adventure game Good People Die has a total of 24 endings, according to Famitsu.com's latest preview for the game.

Your goal in this game of betrayal is to escape from a mysterious facility, where you're amongst nine people who've been locked away. The game can be largely split into two parts, a novel part, where the story unfolds, and an escape part, where you work to escape from the facility. The novel part presents you with selections which affect the path of the story, eventually leading to one of 24 endings.

The multi endings system is intricately tied into the game. As you play, you're shown a flow chart of your progress through the story. If you reach certain points on certain paths, you'll find that the following events along that path are locked. You'll need to jump to a parallel path/scenario to get additional information before you can continue down the original path.

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