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Back in December, Weekly Famitsu debuted first screenshots of the new unnamed .hack game along with an interview with CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Matsuyama. The screens have at long last made their way online at Famitsu.com.

As detailed by Matsuyama back then (Famitsu.com has a transcript of the interview if you want to read it), the game screens show real time visuals running on actual hardware. Matsuyama would not say what the platform is, though.

Planning for the new game began simultaneously with the upcoming .hack//Sekai no Mukou Ni movie. The scripts were made together. The game takes place one year after the movie, in 2025. However, while the movie takes place in "The World Force: Era", the game will take place in a different "The World."

We should be getting additional details on the game after the movie hits theaters on January 21.

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