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Dragon Quest X: Story Details and Download Quests


This week's Jump has the latest on Dragon Quest X, including story and download quest details.

Although DQX is a massively multiplayer online RPG, it appears to be story driven. When playing online, one member of your party is considered the "story leader." The game takes place within the story leader's story.

You'll encounter a variety of stories on the five continents that comprise the game world. Jump lists the following:

  • Eltona: The land of the elves is facing destruction because due to the inability to carry out a particularly important ceremony.
  • Ogleed: The king of a nation called Gartland is suffering from a mysterious illness.
  • Pukuland: The land of the Pukuripo, normally a bright and cheerful place, is suffering from a severe case of missing children. Does the mysterious Pukuripo who wears a top hat the size of his body (the Pukuripo are small, so this isn't as ridiculous as it sounds) have anything to do with the kidnapping?

Joining the story details, Jump mentions that the game will get post release download quests (which shouldn't come as a surprise given that it's an MMORPG). Square Enix is readying quests for each job, race and continent.

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