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From Software has shared details on the upcoming Armored Core V demo.

The demo will be available for download from January 19 through January 23 and playable online from January 21 at 10:00am through January 22 at 24:00. The download clocks in at about 1 gigabyte. It does not have data that can be carried over to the final version.

In online play, you can create and join teams, take part in team area battles, play through Chapter 00 from the game's story missions (this is different from the closed beta test), and play tutorial missions. You can also try out the mercenary system, area customization and mech assembly using 73 parts. You can communicate with your fellow players via the various chat types, including voice, text and auto-chat.

For offline play, you can create and join teams, and try out the story and tutorial missions, as well as all the customization components.

The demo will be missing a number of feature,s including two player cooperative play of single missions, garage and emblem customization, the use of overed weapons, free battles, and trading.

If you like what you see, the final version of ACV will be released on January 26.

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