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Joining our screenshot gallery showing the latest boss foes, we have a bunch of new videos from Ragnarok Odyssey today. View them below.

The game's official site was also updated today with some gameplay details:

Card System
Cards are used for building up your characters and as part of battle strategy. You can equip multiple cards to your characters to give them special skills. The game has over 400 skills. Enemies will leave cards behind when you've defeated them.
Job Change System
Basic jobs include sword warrior, assassin, hammer smith, mage, cleric and hunter (videos of the latter two below!). The game also has a job change system. Once you've progressed far enough in the story, you'll gain the ability to freely change your character's job. When changing jobs, your character retains his currently parameters, so it's encouraged that you change your job to match the upcoming quest.

A demo of Ragnarok Odyssey will be released on the 19th, so Vita owners should give it a download ahead of release.



Enemy -- Grendel

Enemy -- Hraesvelgr

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