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Hudson Ceases to Exist on March 1

Bonk and Bomberman maker to be absorbed into Konami Digital Entertainment.

Classic Hudson -- Bonk's Adventure on the Turbo Grafx/PC Engine.

Hudson will officially cease to exist on March 1 as it is absorbed into sister company Konami Digital Entertainment. In compliance with Japanese law, Hudson issued notice of the impending change today.

During a meeting on January 12, Hudson board members agreed to be absorbed/merged into Konami Digital Entertainment. The change take effect on March 1. Konami Digital Entertainment will be the surviving entity. Hudson will disappear.

Konami, parent company of Konami Digital Entertainment, acquired all Hudson shares on April 1 of last year, making the Bomberman and Bonk maker into wholly owned subsidiary. Currently, Hudson is focused on producing mobile content as a Konami Group member company.

This new move will make Hudson a part of Konami Digital Entertainment, the Konami Group company that focuses on video games (in the context of this site, KDE is usually just referred to as Konami). Konami hopes to pour all its mobile and social content development resources into one location at Konami Digital Entertainment.

Hudson also has a music business. This will be absorbed into Konami Music Entertainment, the Konami Group subsidiary that handles KDE's music business.

For all the technical details, see this filing (in Japanese).

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