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Namco Bandai Teams With Imageepoch and Satelight For PS3 RPG

Mystery title from last week revealed in this week's Famitsu.


The mystery title Namco Bandai began teasing last week has been confirmed in Famitsu this week to be "Toki to Towa," a new RPG title for PlayStation 3.

As we did last week, we'll unofficially translate the name as "Time and Eternity" (here's the Japanese if you want to suggest something nicer: "時と永遠"). The name is shortened in Famitsu to "Tokitowa," so that's what people will presumably be calling it.

Tokitowa is developed by RPG powerhouse and sometimes independent publisher Imageepoch. Animation studio Satellite is working with Imageepoch as co-developer. Character designs are from Vofan, with Yuzo Koshiro doing the music composition.

Only a few details have surfaced from Famitsu. The magazine reveals that rather than just having animation cut-ins during event scenes, the game is being made to have an animeish style for all areas, from field movement to battle.

Note: We originally wrote that the game combines third person shooter and strategy elements. This may not actually be in the magazine. We'll have an update later once more details have surfaced.

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