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Game Over For Japan's Oldest Game Magazine

Gemaga, successor to Dorimaga, Sega Saturn Magazine and Beep, releasing last issue in March.


Monthly gaming publication Gemaga will be closing shop in a few months. Idol Chiaki Kyan, who has been running a column in the magazine for the past two years, revealed the closure in a post at her blog detailing a visit she made to Square Enix to cover Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.

While the "Gemaga" name is relatively new, the magazine descends from Beep, a 1984 publication from Softbank that predates even Famitsu. The multiplatform Beep closed shop in 1989 and became Beep! Mega Drive, then Sega Saturn Magazine, then Dreamcast Magazine, then Dorimaga. The magazine became multiplatform once again as Gemaga (presumably a combination of "Gamer" and "Magazine") in July 2006.

As one might expect given its roots, Gemaga tends to have a more core gamer following than Famitsu. Each issue runs nearly 1,000 yen and includes foldout posters and other bonus items. (In contrast, Weekly Famitsu usually runs between 350 and 450 yen.)

The most recent three issues of Gemaga.

According to Chiaki, the magazine will end production in its "March" issue. She appears to be referring to the issue that comes out in March (rather than the "March" issue that hits shops later this month), so fans can still look forward to three more issues of the magazine.

Chiaki's visit to Square Enix.

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