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There Will Be Downloadable Genso Suikoden

Play on your Vita.


PlayStation Vita owners will be able to play the new Genso Suikoden game. Konami has announced a download release for Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki, the new PSP entry in the long running RPG series. The download version will be priced a bit less, at ¥5,480 compared to the ¥5,980 of the retail UMD version.

As noted by Konami in a news bit at the official site announcing the download version, the download release means that Vita owners can play the game. However, only UMD players will get the game's first print run bonus, a set of PSP custom themes showing artwork from past Suikoden games.

Konami also has a bunch of retailer specific bonuses on the way. See the official site for pics.

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