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Resident Evil Revival Selection Bundled with Resident Evil 5

Will an RE6 announcement join the announcement of the HD Remaster Twin Pack? We'll find out on Friday! (Pictured above, Resident Evil 5 Gold/Alternative Edition)

There have been a few hints that Capcom will be announcing Resident Evil 6 at Friday's Resident Evil 15th Anniversary celebration. Here's another possible announcement: Resident Evil HD Remaster Twin Pack.

This one is just a bit less exciting than RE6. Twin Pack combined Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition with Resident Evil Revival Selection. The combo pack is priced ¥5,490 and due for PS3 release on March 15.

Revival Selection is a pairing of HD ports of Resident Evil Code: Veronica and Resident Evil 4 that was released on PS3 and Xbox 360 in September of last year. Alternative Edition, known outside of Japan as Gold Edition, is an updated version of Resident Evil 5. In Japan, it was released in February 2012 exclusively on PlayStation 3.

The bundle appeared in an online retailer's database today. Capcom hasn't formally announced the bundle yet, but the Friday anniversary event sounds like a likely candidate for the announcement.

In other, less Resident Evil related Capcom combo pack news, the same retailer lists a PS3 combo pack combining Sengoku Basara 3 and Sengoku Basara 3 Utage. This will be released on March 15, priced ¥6,990.

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