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Hideo Kojima is the Second Hottest Anime Character Ever


We previously remarked that Metal Gear Solid voice actress and frequent Hideo Kojima sidekick Yumi Kikuchi would likely make for the hottest anime character ever after we saw this cell phone background (possibly on Kojima's phone):

Today, Kojima showed that he looks pretty good himself in anime form. Here's what greets visitors to the Hideradio podcast recording studio today.

Today's recording session consists of just Kojima and Kikuchi.

The big question is, who made these drawings of Kojima and Kikuchi, and did they draw other Kojima Productions staffers as well?

Here's some of the other scenery in the hallway outside the Kojima Productions recording studio.

Metal Gear Solid HD spokesgirl and AKB48 member Haruna Kojima would probably look pretty good in anime form too.

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