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Harvest Moon 3DS: Add a New Bed to Your House Before You Propose

Plus, the latest marriage candidate.


A new marriage candidate joined the eligibility list for Harvest Moon Hajimari no Daichi, the 3DS Harvest Moon game that's a little over a month away from release.

The eighth target character is Neil. As you can see in the below screenshots, he's the cool type. However, he also loves animals.

MAQL also updated the game's official site with a close look at the flow of the love component. Typical of a Harvest Moon game, you can go all the way from friendship to lover to spouse with your favorite target. Eventually you'll have kids. Once the kids have grown up a bit, you can take the family out on trips.

To begin your long path towards a family, you'll need to first woo your target by giving presents to raise his or her affection for you. You then progress to dating, complete with special romantic events. When you feel the time is right to propose, you just need to add a double bed to your house.

It's also possible that you'll be the one who gets proposed to...

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