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Where to Watch Today's Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Broadcast


Capcom has sent out a more detailed announcement about today's Resident Evil 15th Anniversary Premium Party event.

The event will be held for the press and a few lucky members of the Resident Evil fan club in Shibuya from 19:00 to 20:15. The schedule includes a Resident Evil Revelations presentation, a Resident Evil 15th Anniversary presentation, and more.

The Revelations presentation will include appearances from producer Masachika Kawata, assistant producer Tsukasa Takenaka, and director Koushi Nakani. They'll be playing the game live while sharing new information and development secrets.

Capcom will broadcast the event as part of the "Hagitoko" web broadcast series. You can view the broadcast live at Ustream.

This guy really wants you to watch the live stream.

Of course, the hot rumor going around is that Capcom will make an announcement relating to Resident Evil 6. Less significantly, we may also get official announcement of the Resident Evil HD Edition and Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition combo pack that a retailer revealed yesterday.

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