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PlayStation Vita Lives in the Top 50

Plus, Nintendo's Spirit Camera sees high sell-through.

Could Wipeout bring Vita software back into the top 20?

Here's latest installment of our award winning series "PlayStation Vita Lives in the Top 50," where we look at what PlayStation Vita games managed to crack the Media Create top 50 (in the absence of any Vita games making it into the top 20).

This week (covering 1/9 to 1/15), Vita was represented by three titles. Hot Shots Golf 6 placed 23 for the week. Lord of Apocalypse placed 39. Dynasty Warriors Next placed 43.

Uncharted was a previous top 50 member, but did not make it this week.

As usual, Media Create does not share numbers below the 20 mark. Placing 20th this week was Inazuma Eleven Strikers on Wii with 6,716 units sold. You'll have to guess at the Vita numbers based off that.

This may be the last time we have to run PlayStation Vita Lives in the Top 50, as Vita has new releases due out in the coming weeks. Wipeout 2048 is due next week. It will be followed by Tales of Innocence R the week after, then Ragnarok Odyssey.

In other ranking news, Media Create reports that Nintendo's Spirit Camera sold 74.24% of stock, a high sell-through rate. The game placed 7th this week with 16,351 unit sales.

The week's top placer, Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Masou Kishin II Revelation of Evil God on PSP, sold 81,896 units. This was about the same as its predecessor, The Lord of Elemental, which debuted with 81,000 on DS in October 2005.

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