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Metal Gear Solid 3DS System To be Sold Through Raffle


Getting your hands on one of those special snake themed Metal Gear Solid 3DS systems is going to be tough. Yes, tougher than just filling out a form at the Konami Style e-Shop.

In addition to being made available exclusively through Konami Style, the system bundle will be sold via raffle. If you win the raffle, you'll still have to pay for the system, of course. The bundle, which includes a copy of the game, the snake styled 3DS system, and two clear files as a bonus, will sell for ¥22,980.

Access the Konami Style page for details on how to put your name down for the raffle. The cutoff is February 3. Winners will be notified on February 10. Snake Eater 3D sees release on March 8.

Konami has not said how many systems will be available.

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