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Sumioni Teams With Pizza California For Ink-themed Pizza


Splotches of ink look quite lovely on the game screen, as evidenced by the upcoming Sumioni.

Splotches of ink on a pizza? Judge for yourself:

This special pizza from Pizza California is part of a collaboration with Acquire's new ink-themed Vita game. The pizza is topped with four cheeses, tomatoes, basil, squid, and both tomato sauce and ikasumi sauce (that's a sauce made from cephalopod ink). The sides of the pizza are meant to look like a devil's horns (the "oni" in Sumioni means "devil").

Why would you put all that on a pizza? Because it's Japan! There's much worse out there (you're looking for anything with lines of mayonaise streaming across it).

The Sumioni pizza will be available from February 3 through March 26, priced ¥2,200 medium and ¥3,300 large.

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