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Imageepoch CEO Dares Us to Doubt Tokitowa's Animation System


Following Tokitowa's announcement earlier this week, we're all waiting to see how this will look in motion:

The screenshot has what seems like an impossible mix: hand drawn characters against 3D backdrops. Tokitowa uses hand drawn character art for primary characters and enemies during battle and field exploration. Can hand drawn characters be made to animate fluidly in a 3D world?

Ryoei Mikage, CEO of Tokitowa developer Imageepoch, appears to be aware of some of the concern players have about how the mix will look in motion. He addressed the issue in a series of Tweets today.

Mikage first reiterated that the character visuals are not cell shaded -- that is, they're not polygon models shaded to look like animation. The character art is continuously loaded in full HD size from the PS3.

Things like "how smoothly can you make such visuals" and "can you rotate the camera" were all addressed in the early phases of development, explained Mikage. The project started with the question of can you really make it move?

While other companies have created technology for showing 3D as 2D, Imagepoch is using a different approach, said Mikage. Because of this, and the many walls that resulted, development work was extremely tough.

Mikage does not seem to be annoyed by the doubt expressed about the game's visuals. He said that the more he hears expressions of doubt about the ability to make the visuals move, the happier he becomes.

We'll get our first look at Tokitowa in motion on the 25th.

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