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New Love Plus AR Date Video

Create custom date scenes and watch your girlfriend interact with real world objects.


New Love Plus has a new "Anywhere Date" feature that uses the 3DS's AR functionality to insert your virtual girlfriend in real locations. She'll interact with objects in the location, hiding behind things, sitting on benches, and so forth.

This newly released teaser clip demonstrates the tech.

The video was posted to the game's official site today. Konami will be adding additional videos showing the feature in future updates.

The game provides you with an "Anywhere Date Editor," a simple editor that can be used to make your girlfriend perform certain actions, allowing you to create custom date scenes and courses.

You can share your custom date courses with other players, and upload them to Konami's servers for others to download. Konami will host periodic Date Rankings to let you know which dates are the hottest.

Boyfriends can also look forward to professionally designed downloadable dates straight from Konami.

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