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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Has Paid DLC and "Nintendo Network" Support


Tetsuya Nomura said recently that Theatrhythm Final Fantasy will have download content. Now, thanks to some pics that have surfaced showing the game's dummy box art, we know it has paid download content, as well as support for what may be a new Nintendo online initiative .

The back of the box says that the game supports download content via the internet. The fine print notes that the download content is paid.

Theatrhythm hits on February 16, making it a likely candidate for first 3DS game to make use of the paid transaction support Nintendo added to the system in a firmware update late last year.

More significant is the little logo in the upper right of the box:

What is "Nintendo Network?" Nintendo will presumably share details before Theatrhythm's release.

[via NeoGAF / Joshua_x]

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