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PlayStation Vita Gets Dual Shock Grip and Extended Battery Life Via Latest Accessories


Impress Watch has a look at the latest PlayStation Vita accessories including this "Assist Grip" device from Datel Japan.

The device is priced ¥1,380. Impress Watch's reviewer says that it gives a close feeling of holding a Dual Shock, with no major complaints about the construction of the device.

If you're running out of juice on your Vita, Impress Watch recommends this USB Portable Power Set from Sony, which is priced ¥2,980.

The device can be used to recharge your Vita battery on the go. Impress was able to play games while the device was charging the system.

The specs say the device has 2,000 mAh, which is a bit less than the 2,210 mAh of the Vita's battery. TheyImpress tried charging the Vita from 0 charge state. The USB battery died after charging for 2:17. Playing Uncahrted on high brightness and with Wi-Fi off, Impress got 2:51 minutes of additional play time.

The USB Portable Power Set is a general device that can be used with other electronics outside of the Vita -- anything that can connect to it via USB. Impress tried charging a 3DS and were able to fill up the system from 0 in 3:04.

If you're looking for a Vita specific device, Sony will be releasing its own Portable Charger accessory this Spring. Datel Japan will release an unlicensed device of its own on January 31.

See Impress Watch's article for additional pics of the devices.

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