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Take the Train Around the World of Dragon Quest X


Wondering how you'll travel around Dragon Quest X's massive world? Square Enix provided the answer today: intercontinental rail!

The five continents of the game world are connected by "extreme long distance railroad." This appears to be a magic train, as it can instantly transport you to your destination.

Another convenient method of transportation is Rula Stone. This item can be made to remember locations you've previously visited, allowing you to quickly transport there. Each stone can only remember one location, but it can be reprogrammed to a different location. Of course you can hold multiple stones at one time.

The rest of today's screenshots show elements we've covered in previous updates: quests and stories.

The game will offer a variety of "mini stories," or quests, in downloadable form. Some are specific to certain job types, and some are specific to certain continents.

Examples include:

Martial Artists' Quest

You open a training book that you received from a youth and see a quest left behind by a legendary martial artist.

Warrior Quest

This mysterious quest is given to you buy a mysterious elder. You're asked to travel to a certain location.

Monk Quest

This quest asks that you find a particular person. To complete the quest, you'll need to figue out the meaning of a mysterious poem.

We previously detailed some of the stories that await you on the various continents. See this story. Here are some screens to go along with the details.

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