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Hideo Kojima Spots Bayonetta's Guns at Platinum Games


Hideo Kojima visited Platinum Games' new office today. Located in Osaka, Platinum is the developer of Metal Gear Rising.

Here's what Kojima saw in the Platinum studio:

It's Bayonetta's guns! The guns are in the lobby display:

Here's the gift he brought for the Platinum staff:

It's a collection of those special razor blade cards that we first saw ahead of Rising's re-reveal late last year. The collection includes cards for the Platinum and Kojipro main staff.

Here's who went with Kojima:

It's Rising scenario writer Etsu Tamari!

Here's what Kojima had for lunch:

Cheese Katsu!

Unfortunately, Kojima did not discuss the nature of his meeting. Nor did he share any of those sneak game pics we're used to seeing from him.

You may want to keep an eye on Kojima's Twitter today just in case, though.

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