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Pro Baseball Spirits Dated and Priced

Multi tiered pricing depending on Vita, PS3 or PSP.


PlayStation Vita owners are going to have to shell out some major yens to play baseball this season. Konami shared final release information for this year's Pro Baseball Sprits lineup, and the Vita version comes with a high price of ¥6,980 at retail and ¥6,480 as a download. This puts it at the high end of Vita software pricing.

The PS3 version is a bit higher at ¥7,980. The PSP version is a bit lower, at ¥5,980 for UMD and ¥5,480 as a download.

All three versions are due for release on March 29.

The Vita version offers some advantages over both versions. It has the two player ad-hoc play option of the PSP version and the two player online play option of the PS3 version.

Check out the latest screens from the official site here.

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