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Konami gave the Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki official site a huge update today.

The site has a "charactors" section currently populated by 44 characters from the game, each with artwork and a profile.

The site's game system section details the battle system:

The game has an encounter battle system. When you run into an enemy on the field, you'll enter into a turn-based battle.

Battles are fought as a party of six. You can freely create your party, placing your characters in a three-by-three grid.

Characters can team up for group attacks, with their favor for one-another determining the amount of bonus they receive.

The game also has a "skill transmission system." You'll learn skills from characters from the past who are in your party.

When you fight alongside past heroes who are of the same job as your character, you can learn skills from them.

Your characters have one of eight job types. However, by making equipment changes, you can turn your character into a sub job type.

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